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Darktable vs Lightroom: Are we missing out?

A few months ago, I posted a tutorial on photographing the Milky way, from planning to editing. In the tutorial, I showed the steps required for editing the photograph in Darktable. What I did not mention was that it took me almost 30–45 minutes to do all the editing in Darktable, trying to figure out the optimal adjustments to achieve the effect that I wanted. At the end of the process, I was quite pleased with the editing, though I felt that I should have done more while capturing the image. Maybe try an exposure with a wider lens with a larger aperture, get in more light in the image. Well, that would cost me quite some money, for a hobby that I only occasionally pursue. On a whim, I downloaded Lightroom for Android from the Play Store, copied over the camera DNG to my phone’s SD card, and started to play around with the image a bit.Within a couple of minutes, just before going to bed, I had created, on my phone, an image that was more beautiful than the image I had spent close to …

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