Panorama using Hugin

Would you like to make a really wide angle photograph, aka a panorama? Here is an example:

Marina Bay at Night, Singapore

I made this panorama using a software called Hugin, which is a free and open source panorama stitcher based on Panorama Tools, a toolkit for making panoramas. This image was made from 5 individual images, which are below.

The individual images used for the panorama

So, download and fire up Hugin. Load the source images.

Then go to the images tab and click on create control points. This will create control points in the set of images.

Mostly, the control points are made correctly. If not, you can manually adjust them in the Control Points tab. Then, back in the assistant tab, click on align.

The images will be aligned, and a preview panorama will be shown. This may not be in the perfect orientation, so go to the move/drag tab, and adjust the panorama (Note: The move/drag tool uses arcball rotation). Then adjust the crop in the panorama. Autocrop works most of the times, but in this case, I had to make some manual adjustments.

Once you are satisfied with the preview, optimize the exposures in the optimizer tab.

Finally, stitch the panorama in the stitcher tab. That will create the panorama.

This is the final panorama.

You may observe that this panorama, while accurate, may not be as catchy. For correcting this, I simply fire up Raw Therapee (a tutorial on Raw Therapee is located here), and use it to improve the image. Mainly, I correct white balance, exposure, and increase colour vibrance.

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