Apartments at Montreal

I'll show how I managed to get this image

using this image

For this editing, I've used RawTherapee, which is a very powerful open source raw processing software. My camera is a Panasonic DMC-FS3. It does not shoot raw, nevertheless, the images that it produces can do with a lot of post-processing.

The first step is to change white balance, and increase colour vibrance. That is followed by perspective correction and rotation correction.

Further, I add some details using an unsharp mask, add microcontrast and contrast by detail level. Then I correct the exposure, and the tone curve.

For some weird reason, I did not frame the shot carefully enough, so I did not get all the apartments in the frame, instead, the right side appears cut off. So, I did what I best can, I cropped out the left side, so as to maintain the symmetric look.

Finally, I added my copyright and the caption in the metadata, and I'm done.

Not difficult, was it? I just saved you a hundred dollars.

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