The Godavari at Someshwar, Nasik

The Godavari is a major river in India. It runs from Western to Southern India. It originates near Nasik (aka Nashik) in Maharashtra.

This is a picture of the Godavari at Someshwar, near Nasik. So, the river is relatively nascent here.

I know that I had promised that I will showcase techniques in this blog. So, I'll just let you know that this image was taken using my good-ol point and shoot camera, a Panasonic DMC-FS3; and processed using RawTherapee. This is the picture straight out of my camera.

I took one more picture from a higher position, but an annoying wire and a pole obstructed the view.

So, I just climbed down till I was close to the river.

Should I have moved further to the left to avoid the bush on the right hand side of the picture?

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